Music Ministries

Have a gift in music and need an outlet? Come express your love for God through the ministry of praise and worship. We’re always looking for people who are passionate about using their God-given abilities to help usher our people into the presence of God. God wants to be glorified. God wants to be praised and worshipped. You don’t have to be the most talented kid on the block, but if you really have a call to worship God through singing and/or playing an instrument, we’ll find a place for you.

Faith Farm (0-5 years old)

God has a purpose for every one of our lives! FAITH FARM is about planting the seeds of God’s Word in children’s heart, so they’ll reap a beautiful harvest in their life. Our goal is to teach kids about God’s love for them, about truly knowing God, and how to love and serve Him, so when they grow up they’ll already have the tools necessary for surviving and thriving in life! All this happens through hands-on Bible stories, age-appropriate, adorable crafts, and lots and lots of love.

The Beach (1st through 6th Grade)

Our Kidz ministry is not a place we shuffle the kids off to so the adults can experience God. We want them to experience God, too. The Bible says to “train up a child in the way they should go”–not in the way they would go. Our kids have the time of their lives as they gain a firm understaning of not only Bible stories, but the concepts that go along with them, and how they apply to their lives. Be prepared, your kids will beg you to come back.

The Storehouse

The Storehouse is a food ministry, open every Sunday after main service. It is open and available to all.


One Church Scottsdale family physically and financially supports many diverse local and international ministries, from locally feeding the homeless and caring for those who’ve escaped human trafficking, to educating orphans in India and supporting missionaries in the Phillipines. We believe the goodness and love of God cannot be kept to ourselves.

Fired Up Men

Men, don’t miss a time to build up and unite every Sunday morning at 10 a.m.

Strong & Free Women

Please join us for Awaken every month and all our special ministry events. Click HERE for more details.